Welcome to Dirt to Trees to Wildlife, the companion website to DTW Mapper

DTW Mapper is an online tool that facilitates exploration of the relationships between soils, forests, and wildlife.

DTW Mapper analyzes mapped soils in a given project Area of Interest (AOI)—such as an entire woodlot or forest stand(s)—to identify potential forest types expected to occur within each soil type. Forest types are then related to preferred breeding habitat for New England wildlife, and lists of those wildlife species are provided.

The output of the DTW Mapper is a report that lists soils, potential forest types, acreages, and forest management recommendations and wildlife species lists and links to more information for each Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) as designated in at least one New England state Wildlife Action Plan. Users can also produce project maps to accompany the output report.

On this website, access information used by DTW Mapper about forest types and related wildlife, and wildife species-specific information and recommendations. We include habitat information and habitat and silvicultural practices for each Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) designated in the NH Wildlife Action Plan. See the menu to the left.

Go to DTW Mapper to map an area of interest and generate a report, and to access training videos and a help document. Introduction to the DTW Viewer is a two-minute video covering the basics.

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